Business Partner Segmentation module helps you to create different number of customer group base according to the marketing strategy. For splitting customer base, module provides you a number of methods and by splitting your market into different segments, you can offer right product schemes/service to right customer group with more personalized and attractive manners.


  • #1. Create Separate Customer Group based on shopping product, shopping location, payment method, shopping amount, shopping period etc.
  • #2. Generate Target list with matching customer information.
  • #3. Generate excel with matching customer information and auto attached with respective segmentation record.
  • #4. Customize the resulted field.
  • #5. Schedule the segmentation.

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#1. Please login in to System Administration of your system for an installation. #2. No other User is login-ed in the system except (SuperUser who install the module) during installing this module from market. #3. Please take a backup of your system before going for an upgrade.

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