VIENNA Advantage HRM and Payroll is part of the VIENNA Advantage Professional Edition. It covers a strong payroll including a flexible calculation of salaries and wages for all types of standards and countries. Apart from that it addresses Recruitment, Appraisals, Attendance, Leave Management, Salary Posting to Accounts, Employee Self-Service and much more.


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    After getting the HR & payroll module from, there are certain things which you need to do manually to run this module successfully. 1. Create charges in the system. List of charges given below: a) Employee Salary b) AVL c) Air Ticket or Any other ticket d) Indeminity 2. Attach the appropriate accounting codes to newly created charges (above). If you dont find out the correct accounting code then create that code in Account Element window first and then bind that code with these charges to get the correct accounting consequences in the system during payment creation. 3. For device you need to configure the service for getting attendance from machine. (i) After Hosting the Service Browse DeviceMasterService.svc. Copy the url of the Browsed Service. (ii) Add this url in Service Information Windowl, because it'll use this service for The working of Device Master Form. (iii) Make the Required Entries in Device Master Configuraion Window. 4. Use shift in a single day.

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    • Requires Market Version or Higher and Vienna Advantage Upgrade Version or Higher

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