This module contains the latest released VIENNA Advantage Framework. If you are running a previous version of VIENNA Advantage, you can upgrade your system by installing this module from your market. It contains Vienna Advantage core files. Please note that all code changes, you might have done in the core files will be overwritten, however all changes you have made outside the core files in form of customization's will be carried forward. Also the database changes marked as customization's will sustain. For more information about this version go to link:


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    1. Please login in to System Administration of your system for an installation. 2. No other User is login-ed in the system except (SuperUser who install the module) during installing this module from market. 3. Please take a backup of your system before going for an upgrade. 4. Install These modules also: #4.1. Vienna Advantage Upgrade 2 - Version #4.2. Report Helper Files - Version #4.3. BI Reports Tool (only if you are using BI Reports) - Version #4.4. BI Base (only if you are using BI Reports) - Version

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    • 1. VIENNA Advantage Base Files 2. Market

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